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Hello Raymon,

Thanks will get this sent out asap. I am so happy that you are coming to our area again.

I also wanted to let you know that after I attended one of your workshops, I took the energized water from class and took it home and energized it more for cleaning the duckweed from my pond. I didn't tell anyone what I had done, because I didn't think they would believe me. The next year, my dad asked me if I noticed how clean the pond was from the year before. Thats when I told him what I had done. Its been 4 years now and the pond is still clean and clear! Now he wants to take your class! How does it get any better than that?

In ease and grace,

Recently, we noticed that water was moving very sluggishly in our home. We had several plumbers/contractors in. The “solution” was to replace significant portions of the pipes because of deposits from the water . We have extremely hard water and apparently that causes build up until only a narrow opening is available. Replacing the pipes wouldn’t have seemed so daunting if they wouldn’t have had to jackhammer them up out of the slab. . ..destroying the floor.

So, I called Raymon and explained the situation. Raymon worked on transmuting the deposits in the pipes. The flow opened up. .. “stuff” came through the faucets, we had to clean out some little mesh filters that got gummed up from “stuff” being released. . .but all is flowing again.

I appreciate the fact that Raymon can work on non physical problems and physical problems. Thanks so much Raymon.

This as told by Raymon:

A few months ago, my friend Robert called to say his alfalfa field had weeds and needed to be sprayed.

The farm supply store got the chemicals mixed up and sprayed it with the wrong chemicals and the alfalfa seemed to be dead. He couldn’t find any living alfalfa at all.

The only choice he thought he had was to wait until next year, plow and re-seed the field with alfalfa.

I offered to help, and scrambled the frequency of the chemicals and adjusted to the frequency to fertilize.

Robert said it was the best alfalfa crop he has ever had. Here are the pictures.

Folks when we get results like this, why should we doubt our ability to do anything to make life better?

Please connect the dots and realize that the same method will work on cleaning up water in various places including the rain and the air. Don’t ask me if you can do it---just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello, Raymon:
Wow! I am really impressed. I DID have a great day at work today, and frankly, everyone else where I work seemed to have a good day, too. I took the extra step of 'detoxifying' my work place before entering the building, using my new bobber and my spirit guides, replacing any bad 'vibes' with good ones, if at all possible.

Also, I have had several milk (lactose) based foods yesterday and again today, and have suffered no ill effect. I am really grateful to you on both accounts, and look forward to watching your DVD "Raymon Grace Energizes Your Life" the first chance I get.

I will also put my pendulum to work right away, every day. You will recall that I am a psychiatrist working in the public mental health sector, so I daily see very ill (emotionally ill) people very regularly. They will be grateful for any help your techniques are to them, as I am also sincerely grateful to you for leading our little band this weekend in such a good direction in our work, and being so specifically helpful to so many of us as you were during the seminar.

My best wishes to you for your continued success in your own life; you are as deserving a person as I have ever met.

A grateful new convert to the power of dowsing!

Hi Mr. Grace,
I believe in your work and DVD without the expectation.
I can feel the energy coming out of DVD.
What I realize is that before when unexpected events happens to me, my body would freeze and I couldnt speak up for myself due to my childhood trauma; but after drinking the water and playing the DVD continuously for 2 weeks, my body doesn't freeze as much as it did before.
Your Healthy and Body DVD is my "counseling"support.


Hi Raymon,

Marion had not used her pool for 2 years and last week opened it to find about 5 inches of dirt at the bottom.  Used your water DVD and put some in and shortly after the dirt actually moved to the sides where she could vacuum it out easily.  Then saw algae on the sides so put more Raymon Grace water in and no Algae!!!!!   She is calling the pool " Raymon Grace Spa"  I went in it
today and left feeling great!!!   Thanks Raymon

   Pat and Marion from Massachusetts

Hello Dear Raymon,
Just a quick note to say that it helps to remember the techniques that will make things improve.

My spine suffered noticeable stress from the intense earth energy changes over the last several weeks. I actually could see and feel a new curve showing up in my back (doctors diagnosed scoliosis when I was a grade schooler)

I cleared, it did not get worse or better. Chiropractic treatment helped it a bit, but the change was not permanent.

Ta da! Comes time to "Raymonize" the water for my home and I remembered to put in a thought form to have the cause of the spinal distortion be released, and to have my body normalize to full well-being each time I drank the water that was especially for me.

Well, you can guess the end of this story. The trauma feeling from the spine is gone, as is most of the pain. The new curve is slowly shifting and straightening. I know it is being normalized and am deeply grateful.
Honestly, I feel a little foolish for not remembering to use the water -- apparently I remembered it when it was time.

So, heartfelt thanks to you, my friend, for being such a magnificent and generous human. I am so very grateful.

Be Well.
Love, Judy Z
Seattle Town
P.S. I have loved having the Flower of Life Sculpture you offered recently. Mine is great and I feel fortunate that you made them available to people like me.

It is kind of late but, I must brag a bit…

I drove to Louisiana today from Houston, Texas.

It was a nice cool morning so I did not have the A/C on…I lowered the window on the passenger side just enough to be comfortable.

I am the guy that has had a lifelong allergy to oak pollen and ragweed and other Spring time fuzzy things.

Near the Texas border, I noticed something that smelled a bit sweet!

I could not figure what smelled so good!

Then it hit me…I could smell the flowers, the grass and the green things and the trees!

This is the first time in my life that I can remember smelling the wonderful smells of spring! Wow! What a treat! I could smell God!

How wonderful my healing has been…

Thank you very much.


I have thought about this all weekend, wondering if I should write back to you, let someone else know how I feel. Your words really struck a chord in me, especially about the part for the students of Virginia Tech. Three years ago in April, that gunman changed our lives. My son was attending classes there that day, in that building. My carefree, happy boy who thought he was invincible, changed forever. You see, although he was one of the lucky ones who got out without being shot, he still bears the scars of what happened that day. He lost 3 friends and a teacher, he also lost his youth. He dropped out of engineering and turned to history, something he felt safe in.

Now, here is what I am thinking. Maybe I did him wrong, maybe I should have taught him to shoot and carry a gun instead of teaching him to read, to be non-violent. Because you are very right in saying, if just one of those kids had carried a gun that day, the outcome would have been a lot different. It just breaks my heart that his college years will be defined by what happened that day. By what some crazy man did to himself and everyone in that school.

Thank you for sending out this letter, I am sure you will get a lot of other letters saying you are wrong to wear a gun. But if this letter makes other people think, the way it made me think, then maybe some good can come out of it. We all need to stand up and say to the criminal element that we will not allow you to change our lives anymore! We have a right to feel safe in this world.

Thanks for listening, Diana

Good Evening Raymon,

Just happened to think of something that happened the other day when Ev and I went out to eat.

We usually don't go out a lot and usually never drink water when we are out; on most occasions it isn't offered.

This time however it was served with the meal. When done eating Ev took a sip put the glass down and said that is terrible.

I said that's because it is not from the house, to which she commented "well they get the water from the same place we do."

Yes I said, but we have a Mental Water Filter on our water line and an energizer. Oh she said I am just so used to our water and how good it tastes that I just thought all the water up here would be good (little red in the face).

I checked the water and the energy was very low, got some weird looks when I checked with the bullet pendulum, but we were leaving so I just stopped doing what I was doing.

When we got home Ev got a big drink of water and said "Tell Raymon Thanks".

So there you go something we did back at our first workshop with you in 2005 still working GREAT.



Hi Raymon,
Thank you for the help and teaching you have conveyed upon me these many years. My business is good in a really rough market. I will get to stand up at our yearly Real Estate Meeting and get my picture taken with the top agents in the area. One has to have been involved in at least 2,000,000 in sales. I will probably by the end of the year be around 3,000,000. I talked to an agent this week that has not had a closing in 4 months. Many are hurting and thinking about get out. The market is down over 20% all over the area. I had four closings in Oct. and will have 3 or 4 in Nov.

Hope things are going well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Thanks again for your thoughts and actions for me and my family. Look forward to talking with you soon.

Peace be with you my friend,
Jerry Bruce
The RE/MAX Agent
Realtor, e-PRO, ABR

: First, I want to say THANK YOU!!! After I read the letter from your friend, it got me thinking. I had taken Silva and all the different classes, before I took your class in 2006. Everything went well for a while, but nothing ever lasted. After I took your class, everything seemed to change! Working and LEARNING from you, took me from a person who was always struggling financially, personally, emotionally, and professionally. I was always in a state of depression, fear or extreme anxiety, being unable to make rational decisions or afraid to make a decision. I feel from the bottom of my core, that your teaching and help, has changed and SAVED my life!! I have moved from quiet desperation to being able to change my thinking. I still have ton's of work to do, but because of you, like last month, when I got almost panicky, about the Real Estate market, I started thinking everything is energy and I need to start with myself right Now!!! I would echo what your friend said. Last year I made more money than I have in my entire life! Uncle Sam seemed to take more than I had planned, but I have a nicer car, my house looks better. I made some decisions on debt that I should of made years ago, I got out of a vocation, that brought me nothing but stress, which I am so thankful now, that I did. I could not of done all this without your help, guidance and wisdom! I am THANKFUL every day I have you as a Friend!! Thanks, Raymon. John

Hey Raymon-----
It is amazing since I took your class in Carolina—I took your class because I knew you loved mountains and I find mountain people to be the best. I also wanted to know how to dowse on my farm. What I left with has been very helpful. I have learned how to dowse well and can really influence the energies that control my life. It has become very simple to ask the questions and get the correct answers. I have also been able to help many friends. My business has boomed since I took your class and the love and respect in my family have never been better—again--- it is amazing when you can change energy to do positive things. Thank you for your time. I just wanted to stay in touch. Jeff C

Hi Raymon,
I attended your class in Fl, since then my life and my family's lives have changed :It was two weeks later that we got a letter from the insurance company admitting my husband's disability and asking if he is interested in settlement!! after 18 years ............ now I am in control , I use dowsing techniques and it's really working ,he is better every day.Also the energy in our house has changed so is my work's, every time I feel the change of energy I just get my pendulum or my bobber ,you can not or you can, imagine how I get along with my coworkers ,and also I get more clients. If I miss something I just watch your DVDs and write down the project ,it does work.
Thank you Raymon and wish you health and prosperity.

Dear Raymon,
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop last weekend and have already been incorporating some of your techniques. Here is a testimonial, which you are free to use.

When I contacted Raymon last December, I was pretty desperate. For the previous five years and seven months, I had been stalked non-stop by a crazy woman. Needless to say, I had tried everything in my power to resolve the situation - from contacting the police and detectives to hiring psychics. I even took the drastic measure of moving 3,000 miles to get away from this person - all to no avail.

On Dec. 18, I explained the situation to Raymon and he said he would see what he could do. Literally, the next day - poof! She was gone! No more harassing phone calls, no more strange people following me taking my picture, no more sightings of her - nothing.
What is especially remarkable - is not only were the results of Raymon's work instantaneous - I never spoke to Raymon by phone. All communication was by email. In addition, I gave him no specific details about the case such as the person's name or location. Raymon is an absolute miracle worker! There is no doubt in my mind that Raymon's work is 100% responsible for freeing my from this stalker. Thank you for giving me back my life.
Love and blessings,D---- from New York


Dear Raymon,

I received your DVD about a month ago, I put a gallon of water in front of the TV and played the DVD. After you energized the water I put a little of it down my well. Ray I live on the shore of lake Champlain, and all my life all my neighbor's and I have had to put up with bad water in the wells. The rock here is black slate , this gives the water a rotten egg smell, after spending a lot of money on trying to get rid of the smell most of us realized that this was the cost of having a house down by the lake. After I put the energized water down the well, I walked my dog's in the back yard, all I could smell was rotten eggs, as I do when I run the garden hose, I could see what looked like vapors rising up from the ground all over the back yard. I walk my dogs every night and never have I seen anything like that before. Well my wife Frances started to notice a softness in the water when she did the washing, and over the next few week's the smell of rotten egg's became less noticeable. Last week I had a visit from my cousin, that had not been to my house since I put the energized water down the well, he noticed right off no smell, he ran water into his hand and still no smell. Ray you have done for me what no amount of money could do. I thank you from the bottom of my hart, you are truly a grate man with special powers that need to be realized for the better good of the Earth and man kind.

Your Friend,

Dear Raymon,

As you know I have suffered from Crohn's Disease (An incuable intestinal disorder) for the past 18 years.

About 3 months ago you gave me a bottle of what you call "Energized Programmed Water" and asked me to drink is on a regular basis and just continually replenish it as I use it. This water was" programmed" to treat my Crohn's Disease.

About 2 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my condition and that improved condition has continued for this period of approximately 3 months.

I cannot be certain that the improvement is due to your programmed water, but I can honestly say that I haven't made any other changes to which I could give the credit

I am most grateful to you for your concern & efforts to want to improve my health.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Raymon,

The DVD about clearing is amazing...I play it on my laptop everywhere I go...I have a funny story...I was playing in on my laptop on the counter by the phone...a friend called because he wasn't doing well emotionally...I didn't hear the phone ring, so he left me a message...he said that just making the call helped put him into balance...Raymon, that means that the CD helped through the phone!! Isn't that cool!!








  No act of kindness, regardless of how small, is ever wasted.
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