Energize Water
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We were asked by a group called the Evolvers to create a file that they could use during a water blessing ceremony to clean up water. So this prompted us to create this mp3 file that anyone can download and use individually to work on water. I am providing the energy in the mp3, all you have to do is direct it by your intent to the body of water, anywhere in the world. According to the feedback we have received you do not need to be present at the body of water for this to affect the water in a positive way.

This material is copyrighted, yet I give you permission to download it and burn it to a cd for your own personal use. If your friend wants a copy, please do not make them a copy, send them to this site where they can download and create their own cd. Please do not sell or distribute the cds in any way, or the water that is energized with this file.

We would encourage each person to learn to do this for themselves. All the information and techniques to do this are included in the Energize Water DVD.

The song at the end is my theme song, The Future is Yours. It is written and performed by Casey Hash of Elk Creek Virginia. If you want a theme song for your organization, give him a call or send him an email at thor11@tcia.net.

To download file,

Windows users:
right click on the image below,
select "Save target as"
Choose a location to save image,then click 'save'

Mac users: Click and hold on logo to download file.

(If you download and get the logo and not the audio file, do it again and BE SURE to select 'Save TARGET as' and you will get the audio file.

Click here to listen to the file.


  If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen, if you do something, something might happen, The Future is yours, do something about it!
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