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Raymon Grace
Raymon Grace


Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation, is a dowser, lecture and author of 3 books,
“The Future is Yours—Do Something About It”, “Techniques That Work For Me” and “Seasons of April.”

He has created 40 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 40 years. His books have all been printed in both English and Chinese. His work has reached 142 countries for improving water and other areas of self improvement.

He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well know "Coast to Coast Am Radio.” He was recognized by the Virginia State Senate for his work.

Raymon's work has been recognized by the Govt. of Nicaragua as part of an official healing system. His work is also used in other countries in Central America.

He is a down to earth plain spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. He’s real.

His websites are www.RaymonGrace.us











  If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen, if you do something, something might happen, The Future is yours, do something about it!
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